New organisation to enforce animal welfare laws

Founded in late 2019, Animal Protection Services is officially launching their organisation. Animal Protection Services is a team of experienced investigators and staff working to safeguard the welfare of animals.

As a newly registered charity, Animal Protection Services is aiming to make a huge difference to the welfare of animals by ensuring that the animal welfare laws are adequately enforced. It will do this by investigating and prosecuting organised animal cruelty, in particular but not limited to, puppy farming, dog fighting, and wildlife crime.

The organisation will also work with other enforcement organisations (the Police and Local Authority) and other welfare charities to ensure that swift action is taken in emergencies.

Starting 1st March 2020, there will be a new helpline (0330 120 0909) to report cases of organised animal cruelty. The website is, and the general email address is

“We are excited to form a new organisation that specialises in investigating organised animal cruelty. We have an impassioned and experienced team that is working to safeguard the welfare of animals”, said a spokesperson for Animal Protection Services.

Animal Protection Services will undertake its own prosecutions through its partnerships with solicitors and other legal professionals. The organisation will raise funds for its prosecutions through the website, CrowdJustice, allowing the community to get involved with our cases.

“We have the right to bring prosecutions and we fully intend on utilising that right to ensure that offenders are brought to justice and before the Courts. The use of disruptive strategies, including the Proceeds of Crime Act, are vital to ensuring that those who are committing offences against animals are paying the full price for their actions”, added a spokesperson.

The organisation has already completed its first large-scale puppy farming investigation alongside another leading animal welfare organisation. At the moment, the organisation cannot comment on this case due to legal reasons, however a spokesperson has said that “once the case is prosecuted, it will send shock waves throughout the puppy farming community that they are no longer invisible and they may never know when they are under surveillance until a court summons comes through the door”.

For more information or interview requests, please contact Animal Protection Services on 0330 120 0909 or email